Is Pre-Planning or Pre-Arranging your funeral arrangements a good option for you? It may be.

Pre-planning funeral arrangements has become a more common decision for many people. In some cases, financial planners have begun to include pre-planning as part of a sound retirement strategy for their clients. The most important reasons to consider pre-planning however are to ensure that your wishes are well known to your family, and to make things a little easier when your family is responsible for making very important decisions on your behalf.

It’s a relatively simple process to pre-arrange. You can meet with us at Hallowell & James, or one of our Licensed Funeral Directors who is specially trained in pre-planning can meet you in your home or elsewhere. We’ll document your wishes, which may be changed with your direction at any time. You may choose to prepay for your funeral expenses or pay at the time of need. We will have the documentation of your wishes on file. One key advantage to paying for arrangements in advance is the cost of funeral home arrangements and merchandise chosen is locked in, regardless of any increases in cost due to inflation. Hallowell & James will guarantee all funeral home costs and merchandise costs will be provided without any additional expense for these services. There is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to prepay for services.

You may also contact us by telephone at (708) 352-6500 for our Countryside Location or (630) 964-6500 for our Downers Grove Location to reach a Pre-planning Specialist.